Tough Conversations . . . Radical Change.

Speak Up, Stand Out!

Your Ultimate Guide to the Thing That Scares You the Most


Someone as ambitious, loyal, and talented as you . . . 

Who has sacrificed a ton to get where you are . . . 

STILL isn't getting the recognition, compensation, or title you deserve for your efforts? 

How does someone like you manage to do all the right things, and STILL end up in the wrong place? 



It's time to speak up for yourself, no matter how terrifying that might be.

The Ultimate Guide to Tough Conversations .... 

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7 Steps to Kinetic Convos

The Exact Process I Coach My Clients Through!

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Curate Your Confidence

Learn Confident Communication and feel 10 Feet Tall and Bulletproof

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Get What You Want!

Learn to Influence and Inspire with Clear, Courageous Convos!

You Don't Have to Fear the Tough Conversations that WIll Lead You To Success - Your Way. 

Hi, I'm Chris Jackson, Co-Founder of Kinetic Life

I am much like you. Ever since I was a kid, I felt a deep desire to make my life count. 


In my quest to leave my legacy through my work, I learned that fitting in isn't what I was born to do.


We were born to STAND OUT.

One tough conversation at a time.